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What hygienic measures are implemented in COVID-19 times?

The bowling balls are disinfected daily. Each lane and the associated benches have a foil partition. Dispensers for hand disinfection are available at the counter for everyone.

Are the bowling shoes disinfected?

All our rental shoes are of course disinfected after each wearing.

How many people can play on one lane?

In our location can play up to 10 people per lane. Recommended are 6 to 8 people.

Can I pay by card at City Bowling?

Yes, we accept almost all card payments (EC card, credit card, AMEX, Diners Club)- including Apple Pay.

Can I bring my own sneakers?

No - street shoes or sneakers would damage the lanes and are therefore prohibited. However, you can bring your own bowling shoes.

Can I bring my own bowling ball?

Yes, of course you can bring your own bowling ball.

What are the shoe sizes?

There are shoes in sizes 23 - 50.

Is it allowed to bring drinks?

We are a catering establishment, so bringing and consuming your own food and drinks is not allowed. Find out more about our drinks and menu.

May I bring a cake or other snacks?

When booking one of our birthday packages, you are of course allowed to bring your own cake or birthday cake.

What food can be ordered on site at City Bowling?

We offer a selection of pizzas and tarte flambee, as well as a selection of snacks, such as nachos.

Can I finish the evening at the bar after bowling?

Of course! Our high quality equipped bar offer you all imaginable cocktails and spirits.

From what age can children play bowling?

Bowling can be played by children who can fit bowling shoes from size 23 and lift a bowling ball.

Are there special games in bowling like in skittles?

Yes! Our modern BES X system, which we just introduced in 2020, offers different game variations.

Are dogs allowed at City Bowling?


How often are the lanes cleaned?

Our lanes are regularly polished and cleaned.

Why is it not allowed to leave the City Bowling with the bowling shoes?

When leaving City Bowling with bowling shoes, they would inevitably be damaged by impurities such as broken glass, cigarette butts, oil residue or even road dirt.

Are there any disposable socks?

Yes. For 0,50 € you can buy the socks from us.

Are reservations binding?

Yes, all reservations are binding. However, cancellation is possible 7 days in advance. Corporate events are excluded from this.

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